Superhumans – Where does therapy end and enhancement begin?

An important book for this course is: What Sort of People Should There Be? by Jonathan Glover. It is out of print but available for download on Jonathan Glover’s site here. This is a large file and I suggest that you wait to see if you need to download it all.

We will probably watch a TV history programme called Science and the Swastika. There is a (perhaps slightly defensive) review of this in the BMJ here.

The main online portal to Transhumanism ( now usually written H+) is here. You should remember that your task is to form a balanced view and remain professionally cautious about some of these claims made by the enthusiasts. Although Wikipedia should not be considered a completely reliable research tool,  the entry on Transhumanism is a good account of the main debates.

1.Why Jeremy Bentham?
2. Why biscuits?