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Dr Blay Whitby is a philosopher and ethicist concerned with the social impact of new and emerging technologies. He is a leading researcher in the field and the author of many books, chapters and papers on the subject including “Do You Want a Robot Lover?”,  “On Computable Morality”, “Reflections on Artificial Intelligence: The Legal, Moral and Ethical Dimensions and “Artificial Intelligence, A Beginner’s Guide”.

Dr Whitby is a member of the Advisory Board of the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI. He is an ethics expert for the European Commission, a member of the Strategic Ethics Committee of BCS The Chartered Institute of IT and an ethical advisor to the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Widening public engagement in science through debate is important to him and he is a regular speaker in community settings as well as having participated in several very high impact science/art collaborations.

He currently lectures at  The University of Sussex, Imperial College, Ada College, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and is a visiting professor at the Technical University of Vienna.

Dr Whitby is happy to be involved with and support new research projects, which would benefit from his expertise in ethics and the social effects of emerging technology.